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ROCS Group Head Office

09 - 03 - 2008

A striking corporate image

When the ROCS Group were designing their new offices in Floriana, they wanted a striking corporate image.

According to Colin Aquilina, head of finance and business development, once the branding was established and the powerful colour, red, chosen, it was important to set that off against some neutral colours. So a light coloured wood, beech, with its natural wood grain, was mixed with a metal and glass strip for effect in the panels on which flat screen TVs were mounted.

Clean lines and the maximisation of the well lit offices - the work of designer Andrew Azzopardi - combine to make the ROCS Group offices striking. The major challenge for the suppliers, Domestica Ltd, was to bring to life the new corporate identity of the ROCS Group through their office premises. "We were involved at the very initial stages of their transition and we feel part of their success," Chris Vassallo Cesareo, director of Domestica Ltd, said. "One of the biggest advantages with working with Domestica Ltd was not being constrained to buy everything off the shelf," Mr Aquilina said.

"They were flexible to satisfy all our needs and could mix modern, imported furniture with factory output for an ideal mix. "Six offices were decorated, situated under the arcades at Development House in St Anne Street, offering the company's core services: insurance, investment, travel, media and property. No fewer than three reception desks for the various offices were factory-built.

Special separators were ordered for in between the desks and the cabinets were given a white opaque glass front on a wooden frame. The tempered glass board room tables, and all chairs, including those in the waiting areas and clients' chairs, were imported.