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Domestica Limited has been operating in the furniture business for the past 40 years and its name is synonymous with good workmanship, personalized service and world-renowned brands.


Domestica was formed over 40 years ago by its founder, Leo Vassallo Cesareo, as a manufacturing concern. Traditionally, the company is renowned as a factory capable of producing high quality, durable, custom-made furniture to clients’ individual specifications. The company’s production quality and efficiency was recognized in the seventies by Italian furniture giant Berloni for whom the company produced furniture under license for a number of years. At the time, Domestica was the only company outside Italy given the license to produce under the Berloni brand.

Following the removal of levies, which protected the local furniture industry, Domestica had to rethink its strategy and change its focus from just manufacturing to include also importing of select brands. While other competing furniture companies struggled to secure renowned international brands in time for the removal of levies, Domestica, who had already enjoyed a close working relationship with Berloni for over thirty years, found itself at the forefront of this race and enjoyed an immediate competitive edge. 


Today the company, through its importation section, imports the full range of Berloni furniture directly from Italy. Berloni’s modular system design and manufacturing capabilities, assisted by the very latest computer design technology, make it possible for the company to tailor its product offerings to customers’ specific requirements. The Berloni range is complemented by a selection of other products imported under select brands such Guzzini, Fatboy and Ego Italiano.

The company still retains its factory operations, which enable it to tender selectively for contract work and/or provide tailor made solutions for requirements which cannot be met by its imported range. Domestica is regularly awarded contracts by retail outlets, hotels and other commercial entities. Today the business is managed by the second generation, Leo’s two children Christopher, Managing Director, and Francesca, Sales Director. They both continue their father’s tradition of offering a personalized service to their customers and are very actively involved in all aspects of the company’s operations. Leo is still actively involved as chairman, utilizing his network of contacts for the benefit of the business and providing support to the second generation whenever this is required. 

Our Philosophy

Turning houses into homes for the past 40 years.

Domestica is a family owned and managed business. Domestica’s philosophy is simple – furniture is a personal matter, and the people at Domestica take furniture personally. Domestica’s business is not about invoicing, it is about satisfied customers. For Domestica a sale is not a sale until the client has expressed full satisfaction with the choices made, whether or not the invoice has been paid. Growth in sales is considered the by-product of the company’s core values. For larger corporate organisations this may seem naïve. At Domestica it is everyone’s culture and way of life.

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Executive Team

Chris Vassallo Cesareo
Managing Director
T: (+356) 21 447 604
M: (+356) 77 447 610
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Francesca Cassar
Business Development Director
T: (+356) 21 447 604
M: (+356) 0000 0000
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Local Production

Whether it is the furnishing of a hotel, bar or restaurant, office block, apartment block, villa or the one-off custom contract, Domestica Ltd has a factory set-up to complete the order professionally and on time.

Thanks to a qualified, experienced workforce, it supplies a specialised, personal service that compliments its import business to alter, adapt, extend or supply pieces to the customer’s specification.

Do you miss the traditional dressing table, no longer available from international suppliers? Do you need a shoe cabinet or an alteration for an imported unit to fit a specific place? Or do you wish to have a personalised, solid wooden top for you kitchen cupboards to give it that extra warmth?

Domestica Ltd can do all this and more. Door frames (and both external and internal doors) are made from solid wood – anything from teak to pine, including oak, walnut and cherry. We put the client in total control, enabling him to choose the veneer, the necessary spray if requested and any laminate.

Domestica has supplied contract work for all the major local developments, including Portomaso, MIDI plc, Tas-Sellum and Madliena Village, where it has supplied wooden balconies, main doors, internal doors and shaft doors, apart from vanity units and other finishes.

Other satisfied clients have included the Victoria Hotel, Tudor Hotel, Dhalia Real Estate, Frank Salt Real Estate, Visual Trends, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Krypton Pharmacy.


Strategic Partners

Custom design furniture for offices, hotels and the home at Domestica’s factory in Attard complements a range of Berloni and other offerings, including such brand names as Guzzini, Fatboy and Ego Italiano.