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Bespoke Furniture

Domestica imports a vast range of Berloni furniture and a selection of other productsimported under select brands such Guzzini, Fatboy, Nicoletti, Kartell, Poltrone Frau, Ego Paris, VG New Trend, Jürgen Wissenbach and Casa Mia. However, our extensive factory operations allow us to provide made to measure and tailor-made solutions for our clients whose needs cannot be met by our extensive imported range.

Our bespoke furniture designs ensure that you get the exact dimensions and designs that you require often based upon our existing portfolio of bespoke pieces. The advantages of our bespoke range are that you gain a unique, hand-crafted and superior product, without any surprising expenses. Domestica have regularly been entrusted to design and create custom bespoke pieces for our commercial clients in Malta, everything from restaurants and hotels to retail outlets and corporate offices. 

Whatever your specific requirements we will discuss them with you and give you quote, and then you can adise us of you wish to proceed or not.

Made to Measure

Domestica Limited has been operating in the furniture business for the past 38 years and its name is synonymous with good workmanship, personalized service and world-renowned brands.

Today, Domestica has established itself as a leading company in the manufacturing of high-quality, durable and custom-made pieces, and in fact manufacturing is still one of Domestica’s primary focuses. The company can provide complete made-to-measure solutions, from office fit-outs to custom-made doors, furniture and specialised bespoke pieces for retail or commercial projects. Our portfolio comprises a number of large-scale commefcial projects that cement our reputation.

Often, a bespoke furniture piece is the most practical solution, particularly in the case of wardrobes, bookcases and other standing items that may need to fit in a very exact space. If you need a shelving or storage solution with extra wide shelving, extra drawers or chairs and tables to fit specific spaces, our designers will work directly alongside you to create the ideal solution for functionality and aesthetic qualities. 

Resources and Experience

Our ever-evolving range of furniture represents a concept: a home filled with emotion and passion, design beautyand reliability. Time and experience have shown us just what people want from our products: functionality, beauty and quality. Our idea of a home is one of comfort and style, starting at the kitchen but extending seamlessly to all other areas. Apart from quality kitchens, for which we are most renowned, we therefore offer complete furnishing solutions, including modular systems for the night and day quarters with a wide range of wardrobes, beds, children’s bedrooms, living rooms, armchairs, sofas and accessories. Our range of products is testimony to our ability to set trends, and not simply to react to them.

Bespoke Projects

Our bespoke furniture designs ensure that you get the exact dimensions and designs that you require often based upon our existing portfolio of bespoke pieces.